We need more sheds!

The internet, the television, DNA, it can sometimes seem that the British have invented the modern world. But with many people complaining about health and safety regulations, middle management and bureaucracy stifling our creativity, we ask ourselves what has gone wrong with Blighty, and how can we make her great again?


Could it be the nanny state? Could it be political correctness insisting everyone has to be equally mundane? Or could it be something far simpler?

Do we simply need to give our inventors the resources they really need?

The ones that housed the invention of the jet engine, that enabled Henry Ford to build his first motor car, while Mrs.Ford busied herself about the housekeeping and the latest gossip?

Do we simply need more garden sheds?

Forget investing in wasteful employment schemes and half baked business advice. Let Peter Mandelson and the DTI subsidise sheds, and let Britain rule the world once more.

If reading this has given you the need for shed then make sure you visit the brilliant Readers Sheds blog. Here are Baby’s top five picks to whet your appetite for wood:

The Tardis, Kent


The Shed (a garden office), St Albans


The Stepping Stone Inn, Bottom of the Garden, Cheshire


Seaview, Hampshire


Mystic Fred’s Psychedelic Shed, UK



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