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Choose a species to save


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Wonderful water

We always try to keep you up to date with new and interesting green development. Often however, even we are forced to admit that this stuff isn’t necessarily attractive, or very practical.

Water tank

We think this new rainwater tank from Waterwall tanks matches the brief of being both attractive and practical. Rainwater tanks do exactly what they say – harvest rainwater for use in your home, saving on your water and heating bills. Usually, they are therefore pretty squat and functional. Even if swiss-cheese chique isn’t really your thing, at least this is a start.

(source: Waterwall tanks via notcot)

Paper Tower

Ever wondered what to do with all your used up tubes of toilet tissue? Why not build a tower?

paper tower

It might take some time to match up to this 22m high monstrosity, but it’s worth a shot. Currently standing outside Royal Festival Hall to ‘challenge  the perceptions of the everyday materials used’, it is certainly an eyecatcher. And it’s always nice to see things like this being done with recyclable, renewable materials. The artist, Shigeru Ban, has built a number of similar installations around the world.

paper tower 2

Now if we could only find a way to fill in all those holes, we could be on to a new and renewable form of housing.

(source: atelier29 via NotCot)

Dandella – Intuitive navigation


The Dandella by DIC is modern take on a dowsing rod which looks much like ET’s finger – it’s a highly technical solution for a simple concept and provides an intuitive way to navigate, and find directions by ‘pointing’ to the right way. Simply put when facing in the right direction the Dandella glows.

Though it behaves more like a sunflower always point towards the sun, this device lights up & bends towards its direction or other dandella that it’s been synchronised with. Easy for finding your friend in a crowded mall, or for parents to keep track of their kids at the mall. The form is kept minimal and humble, likened to holding a flower in the hand. Dandella simplifies the complex interface of current GPS devices to a simple notion of ‘just follow where it points.


Source: Design Year Book

Limited design for unlimited life

These shelves, which are part of the RealLimited series, are amazing. Artist Katharina Mischer chose an endangered Austrian fungi species and translated them into a limited design edition –  fungi species sculpted from tin are shown growing on an old ‘rotten’ wooden board.
These designs are a limited edition in which each tin mushroom is numbered, and represent one mushroom left in reality.  We love the design of this luscious furniture and it supports a good cause too – part of the money going to environmental projects that try to save the specific fungi species. A limited design for unlimited life.

Mobile Treehouse

This amazing mobile treehouse was recently sold on E-Bay for around Aus$12,000.


It was created by Forestry Tasmania with its original use being to promote tourism – the mobile nature of their information center being crucial to it’s success in this role. It is a pretty grotty inside but the external view is just stunning. We can think of millions of uses for this astonishing structure from a private library, guest bedroom and even the best children’s den ever.





Source: Sweet Station

Climate Thoughts

So the world’s biggest ever conference on climate change is approaching, and everyone from world leaders from grass roots activists has something to say about it.

Well funnily enough, you can now read what everyone has to say about it, and even have your say too. The UN’s dedicated Copenhagen Conference page has a section dedicated to “your thoughts”, and each one is represented on a shiny interactive blue spinning globe.

Climate thoughts

Celebrity posters include Paul McCartney and inevitably Bob Geldof, but you can have your own name in lights next to theirs, and even vote for your favourite green comments. Look out for a post from Baby!