Dandella – Intuitive navigation


The Dandella by DIC is modern take on a dowsing rod which looks much like ET’s finger – it’s a highly technical solution for a simple concept and provides an intuitive way to navigate, and find directions by ‘pointing’ to the right way. Simply put when facing in the right direction the Dandella glows.

Though it behaves more like a sunflower always point towards the sun, this device lights up & bends towards its direction or other dandella that it’s been synchronised with. Easy for finding your friend in a crowded mall, or for parents to keep track of their kids at the mall. The form is kept minimal and humble, likened to holding a flower in the hand. Dandella simplifies the complex interface of current GPS devices to a simple notion of ‘just follow where it points.


Source: Design Year Book


One response to “Dandella – Intuitive navigation

  1. Hi, where can I get this Dandella?

    Kind Regards,

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