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Story Time

We all love stories. Don’t we? Even now Baby can remember a time when it was knee high to a grasshopper and was told stories before bed time by grandparents. Stories pull you in, they take you on a journey, they involve you emotionally. So it’s funny isn’t it, that advertising these days doesn’t seem to use stories to help sales…

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bed time story


Halloween Pepsi

We’re all used to Google rebranding itself every five minutes for some birthday or holiday, but you wouldn’t expect it from Pepsi. Nevertheless, here we are. Pepsi will become “Pepsi Boo” over the Halloween period, with diet becoming “Pepsi Ghost” and max becoming “Pepsi Max Growl”. Eat Me Daily reckons this is could get a bit confusing, but we’re really not sure why. Having said that, it is being sold solely in America’s Walmarts so maybe…


Anyway, we love the design, and it makes a change from all the christmas products that are ALREADY starting to grace our shelves.

Billy’s Birthday

No, we’re not just using the blog to say Happy Birthday to one of our friends. The Billy in question is in fact a bookcase, and he’s a bookcase you probably own.

bookcase 2

Billy is of course the name of Ikea’s most-sold product, and therefore quite possibly the most common item of furniture in the world, and this year is the 30th anniversary of the product’s launch. To celebrate, Billy is getting a makeover, and being released with a number of new limited-edition designs.

bookcase 1

We’re not sure we’d want one in our house, but they are quite cool pieces of design all the same, and we’re very happy for him.

(source: Below the Clouds via NotCot)

Packaging sculptures

You know that annoying guy in the pub who always insists on folding up his crisp packets and tying them in knots so they look pretty? Or building card houses out of beer mats? Well meet his bigger brother…

Each of these sculptures (and more) have been made from packaging. You’ll recognise Marlboro and Kitkat but unless this blog is translated into Chinese you might well not recognise some of the others. Anyway, the effects are pretty awesome. The watches are pretty impressive, but we particularly love the cute Marlboro animal-thing. And it’s not a bad use for all that waste packaging…

packaging 1

Packaging 2

packaging 3 


Here to sell

The amount of rubbish that gets talked about marketing is very good for one thing – to try and bamboozle clients. It’s a very effective strategy, and it goes something like this: Confuse and invoice, confuse and invoice, confuse and invoice, get fired, move on to the next client and… confuse and invoice…

Like we say, it’s very effective, so hats off to all you marketing gurus out there, your business model is sound. However, we’re really not into that. We like stuff that’s simple, effective and measurable. So we’ve put our planet sized brains together to work out what clients really want from a comms agency, and no, it’s not a capuccino machine in reception. They just want sales.

“Hurray!” we say. Because luckily for clients that’s what we want too. They’re what get us dribbling and gurgling with excitement. So we’re dedicating this new section of our think tank to all things…



The International Day of Climate Action is probably something that should have been organised a while ago, but even now it’s pretty excellent.  Grass-roots organisation (350 being the amount of carbon that is safe to have in the air in parts per million) managed a truly international day with an event in practically every country in the world. Our favourites (visually) are here, and there are loads more at the website. Quite a good message to go out to the governments of the world, and an impressive demonstration of people power…





Motorized Armchair

We would never want to condone drink driving, but if you’re going to do it, do it in style…

62-year-old Dennis LeRoy Anderson certainly did that when he managed to crash his “La-Z-Boy” (or motorized armchair) into a parked car in Minnesota, USA. He was of course arrested, and the chair was impounded, but that seems a small price to pay. Especially since he was in fact 3 times over the legal limit.

His bad fortune is however good for the rest of us- the Minnesota police force are to auction off the La-Z-Boy. The chair comes with a built-in stereo, nitrous-oxide booster and parachute, and can reach 20mph. It certainly beats a mobility scooter, and that boost could be useful for weaving in London traffic. Expect a bid from Baby…

(source: BBC News)