Underwater forests

Human ingenuity truly knows no ends. Deforestation, as we know, is becoming something of an issue. Unfortunately, we do still really quite need wood. Well, what about all that wood that lies underwater?  The building of reservoirs left huge areas of forest underwater when entire valleys were flooded.


The ‘sawfish’ shown above is not a hyper-evolved swordfish, but is in fact a specially designed water-logging (sorry) device. Although underwater logging has been going on for years, the sawfish allows new reservoirs to be tapped and without the risk and environmental expense of sending in human divers.

The advantage of cutting down these trees is that, due to their being somewhat drowned, they do not take in CO2, and as such have no real benefits in preventing climate change. In that there are around 300million of these underwater trees, and that they would rot otherwise, it can’t be all bad…


(source: boingboing)


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