Recycle your car

This is far from our first post about some form of ecological car, but we love the thinking behind this.

Usually, the focus is on coming up with new ways of powering transport, then sticking them in all-new concept cars and parading them around motorshows. Whilst this is all very worthwhile, the idea of simply re-fitting an old car is possibly even better.

VW Eco

Surely, though, it wouldn’t be possible? Well, a bunch of students (of all people) in Kansas (of all places) have managed it. They have taken an old-style VW Beetle and fitted it with a biodiesel engine.

At the moment, it only struggles up to 30mph, and has taken around $25,000 to refit – hardly economical on a large scale. However the idea behind it is just superb. As one of the students said:

“If the vehicles were in good shape requiring no body or vehicle work, and a ‘kit’ involving a battery pack, battery charger, generator and electric motor could be created, it may be possible.”

It may take a little research to hone the idea, but nobody would have an excuse not to go electric. And if we could all find an old-style Beetle to do it to, who wouldn’t want to?!

VW Eco 2

(source: Wired)


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