Suspended Treehouse

Here at Baby, we have always loved tree houses. Well these Free Spirit Sphere tree houses are about as good as it gets in the field. You could even say they are top of the tree.

treehouse 1

The two houses are called Eryn and Eve, and are never in one place for more than a few days, to minimise their impact on their environment.  Each is set up on ropes hanging from trees, and is accessible only by a wooden staircase attached to a nearby tree, then a spindly suspension bridge. They are let out to one or two people, and provide a unique opportunity to live completely disconnected from the ground. By the looks of it, they aren’t uncomfortable either.

treehouse 3

These tree houses are all the way over in Vancouver, Canada, but Free Spirit Spheres also sells them, allowing you to set this thing up in your own garden. You’d need some pretty big trees, but it would provide the ultimate getaway. Had an argument with your partner? Just climb up and pull in the suspension bridge… beats the dog house any day.

treehouse 2

(source: Lost at E Minor)


One response to “Suspended Treehouse

  1. Fantastic shape. Not believe that it can do. Would be difficult to install.

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