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Green Bull?

It wasn’t so very long ago that Red Bull was launched upon the world and quickly gained a huge market, and the demand stemmed from two main places. Firstly, we had drunk teens demanding a safe alternative to ecstasy to help them dance all night, but mostly we had people trying to stay awake at their desks due to having to work incredibly long hours.

Exactly those same people, who’ve been working (pretty much solidly) for the last ten years, are now being approached with the complete opposite; “anti-energy” drinks such as “Slow Cow” and “Ex Chill” (which are, by the way, pretty awful names). Containing soporifics such as chamomile and melatonin, they are promising total relaxation and escape from the stresses of life.

The CEO of the company behind one of them grandly proclaimed “it is my quest to relax the world”, which we think is marketing-speak for “I spotted a gap in the market” but nevertheless they could be a nice antidote to some of the stress of modern living. And they’ve got to taste better than Red Bull.

One question remains in our minds however – what the hell was wrong with good old-fashioned alcohol?

(source: BoingBoing)



Online Sunrise

There are few sights more glorious than a good sunrise or sunset; they have always been one of the more powerful expressions of nature’s power. Well, from now, they are no longer going to be just the province of mother nature.

The Whitney Museum of Art in New York have set their website to recreate sunrise and sunset at the same time as New York’s real dusk and dawn. For those of us who spend our lives glued to our computers, this could actually be a welcome intrusion; reminding us of whether it is in fact day or night. Having said that, the light is pretty puny, and it is not yet quite as beautiful as the real thing… Still, if you fancy it, sunrise today is 7:00am NY time or 12:00 noon GB time – just follow the link at the bottom to view.

(source: Whitney Museum via Inhabitat)

Awards win

Here at Baby we have long been proud of our work with the nation’s largest children’s charity – the National Children’s Home. Never heard of them? Well neither had many others, so we worked on rebranding them as the now much more familiar Action for Children.

In the process, we’ve changed everything from the name, to the logo, their position and internal and external communications including their first ever national TV campaign.

We think we’re justified in being proud of this, especially considering the results it is already beginning to show. Well, now CorpComms Magazine has signalled its agreement, by awarding the charity first prize in the “Best rebranding excercise” category of its 2009 Awards Ceremony.

Given the entry was up against the infamous Norwich Union/Aviva rebrand, through AMV and Hill & Knowlton, we’re doubly happy. You see, AMV are of course one of the bigger names in ad world, and Aviva one of the richer client. So this just goes to show that there’s more to a successful rebrand than throwing money about. Things like having the right ideas and, crucially, understanding your client; two things Baby has always held dear…

See below for a couple of stills from the ads, or come through to the main website to see the work more fully…

The Solution is Simple

There are of course a hundred films floating around the internet which attempt to explain the Copenhagen Conference, and what we should be doing there. Some of them are horrifically complicated, and others are fantastically simple.

Here at Baby, we, along with our friends over at, really feel that the simple ones are on to something. We hate all these attempts by politicians to make things seem more complicated than they are; we wonder whether they’re just trying to cover themselves.

So, together, we asked a 6-year-old child what he thought we needed to do at Copenhagen, and this is what happened:

How much more complicated can it be?

Save paper, save trees

We love this little app from DDB, made to save paper and fabulously simple.

The app is called “Save paper, save trees” – massively inventive. Basically, once the app is installed, any time the user goes to print anything, the cursor changes to a chainsaw, and a message pops up saying “Save paper, save trees. Please do not print out this e-mail. Thank you!”.

If you go ahead and print anyway, it makes the sound of wood tearing and trees falling. If you change your mind, the saw stops and birdsong plays.

We’re surprised nobody thought of it before, and it is a little sanctimonious, but it’s a nice effort nonetheless.

(source: Frederik Samuel)

Electric Trabant

It seems strange to combine the cutting-edge technology of an electric car with has to be one of the most outdated and old-fashioned cars ever made. The Trabant was outdated even when it was produced in East Germany, back before the Berlin Wall came down, so by now it should be pretty terrible.

However, much like a good cheese, the Trabant seems to have matured somewhat. The design of the new model is barely different to the original, but it now looks retro and almost cool. And, of course, the main problem with the Trabant was the engine (built by Polish peasants forced into East German factories and given a hammer and a screwdriver), and this is all gone, to be replaced by a shiny new electric motor.

So by 2012 (when the Trabant is set to be produced) we’ll have supercars capable of close to 300mph, electric. hydrogen and hybrid cars capable of outperforming current road cars and even cars that can drive themselves. But alongside all this, we’ll also have a cute, happy-looking little car for the rest of us…

(source: Below The Clouds via Notcot)

Gucci for UNICEF

Give us any links between big corporates and charities and we’re generally happy (MacDonalds and BP aside). Add in a bit of cool design and we’re ecstatic. Therefore, we love this new Gucci collection in aid of UNICEF. The elephant print bags in particular are pretty awesome, but the keyrings are also quite cute.

And of course, the important bit: 25% of the proceeds of every item sold go to UNICEF. Products are available from Gucci stores and from yesterday until 31st December. So if you ever wanted an excuse to own something from Gucci, now’s the time…

(source: ifitshipitshere)