Biegert & Funk

The design world is full of interesting looking clocks, many of them better described as pieces of art than appliances. This one quite possibly outstrips them all.

Clock 2

Biegert & Funk (which is a pretty awesome name for a company) have designed the “45squared” or “QLOCKTWO” clock which displays the time purely in words. It looks a bit like that stupid eye test on the wall of every opticians, but it’s still very pretty. And it has a key advantage. There must be some of you out there like us who’ve never really learned to tell the time. It’s the big hand and the small hand – we never remember which is which. This happily escapes all of that by just telling you the time.

The comes in a variety of colours, including stainless steel, and is available as a tabletop clock or wall-mounted. It comes in six different languages, and as an iPhone app (inevitably). Even the cables to plug it in come in matching colours.

Clock 1

Then there’s the issue of price… The 45squared clock will set you back 900 Euros. Or 1099 if you fancy it in stainless steel. This may be a small fortune, but it is pretty awesome.

Clock 3

(source: Ifitshipitshere)


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