Solar Roadways

Solar energy seems to be the new big thing. Only last week the Germans were thinking of converting half of the Saharra into a solar power station, and now the Americans have got in on the act.


The US government has just granted funding for a project by Scott Brusow to research the possibility of turning roads into solar panels. Scott’s company, Solar Roadways, reckons that if you converted every road in America into solar panels, you could (conservatively) produce enough energy to power the entire world. There are of course a number of engineering problems, in that there is currently nothing out there strong enough to take the continual battering of traffic and the environment, and that the solar panels would soon become dirty and therefore useless. And it’s not cheap.

Having said that, Scott reckons he can get over all this, and we hope he can. Plus, big points to the US government for actually investing in renewable energy. Hopefully it pays off.

(source: Vidafine via Notcot)


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