Album Stamps

British Royal Mail are in a bit of trouble at the moment. Understandably, they think they have to do something to save themselves from the crowds of angry people (with pitchforks) ready to break down their depot doors, trample the postmen underfoot, and reclaim their undelivered mail.

So what’s the answer? Invest in extra workers over the Christmas period? Make stamps cheaper so that at least if your mail doesn’t get there people don’t mind so much? No. Let’s make some special edition stamps with album art on them.

Stamps 1

Having said that, the results are quite cool. We particularly love the Coldplay and Pink Floyd editions, but those from Blur, The Clash, The Rolling Stones and Bowie are all worth a mention too.

Stamps 2

So maybe when your Christmas card finally arrives mid-January it will have one of these on and be distracting enough to make you forget how late it is…

Stamps 3

Stamps 5

Stamps 4

(source: Creative Review)


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