Concept Rally Car

So renewable cars are only good up to a point. They are fine for pottering around town and sitting in the slow lane on medium-length journeys, but for real driving you need something petrol-powered, right? Wrong.

Hussar 1

Klaud Wasiak has designed nothing less than a Rally Car fueled by renewable sources. The chunky body and oversize tyres are awesome, but of course it was the ‘wings’ on the back that drew us to this. Apparently inspired by the winged uniforms of the Polish Hussar Cavalry, they are both stunning and innovative, as they give an aerodynamic  boost and generate kinetic electricity used to power the car.

Hussar 2

The car needs three people in a race (a driver, navigator, and an engineer to work the controls for the wings) but this seems like a small issue. Taking renewable energy and sticking it in fields like Rallying gives us all hope that we might really be able to get somewhere… And we really want those wings for our cars.

Hussar 3

(source: The Coolist)


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