Underwater Cities

No, we haven’t found Atlantis. What we’re talking about here is a series of images from Studio Lindfors that depict New York and Tokyo partially underwater…

Flooded Times Square

Now they have had quite a lot of criticism, and we do understand why. The fact that Times Square still works perfectly when half underwater seems a little silly, and all these canoes and gondolas in New York seem to spring from a lack of cultural awareness; what’s wrong with American boats?

Flooded New York

Having said all that, the images are quite beautiful. And the effects of climate change are not painted as a Day-After-Tomorrow-style catastrophe, but as having been managed; people fish and grow plants in the water, and the walkways and blimps above are stunning.

Flooded Tokyo

So there we go. We love these images for graphically highlighting something that has long been an ignored possibility. And for not being overly apocalyptic, which gives us all the inclination to actually think about the whole thing, which can’t be bad.

(source: BLDBLOG)


One response to “Underwater Cities

  1. Lots of of folks blog about this subject but you wrote down really true words!!

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