Gucci for UNICEF

Give us any links between big corporates and charities and we’re generally happy (MacDonalds and BP aside). Add in a bit of cool design and we’re ecstatic. Therefore, we love this new Gucci collection in aid of UNICEF. The elephant print bags in particular are pretty awesome, but the keyrings are also quite cute.

And of course, the important bit: 25% of the proceeds of every item sold go to UNICEF. Products are available from Gucci stores and from yesterday until 31st December. So if you ever wanted an excuse to own something from Gucci, now’s the time…

(source: ifitshipitshere)


One response to “Gucci for UNICEF

  1. A little off topic perhaps, but a request for people to think about the ethics of purchasing fashionclothing. Please try and consider, for example, the cloth your items are manufactured with, the conditions of the employees where they’re made and the green credentials of the clothes retailer. And try to share, rather than throwing away. Thanks!!!!

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