Electric Trabant

It seems strange to combine the cutting-edge technology of an electric car with has to be one of the most outdated and old-fashioned cars ever made. The Trabant was outdated even when it was produced in East Germany, back before the Berlin Wall came down, so by now it should be pretty terrible.

However, much like a good cheese, the Trabant seems to have matured somewhat. The design of the new model is barely different to the original, but it now looks retro and almost cool. And, of course, the main problem with the Trabant was the engine (built by Polish peasants forced into East German factories and given a hammer and a screwdriver), and this is all gone, to be replaced by a shiny new electric motor.

So by 2012 (when the Trabant is set to be produced) we’ll have supercars capable of close to 300mph, electric. hydrogen and hybrid cars capable of outperforming current road cars and even cars that can drive themselves. But alongside all this, we’ll also have a cute, happy-looking little car for the rest of us…

(source: Below The Clouds via Notcot)


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