Awards win

Here at Baby we have long been proud of our work with the nation’s largest children’s charity – the National Children’s Home. Never heard of them? Well neither had many others, so we worked on rebranding them as the now much more familiar Action for Children.

In the process, we’ve changed everything from the name, to the logo, their position and internal and external communications including their first ever national TV campaign.

We think we’re justified in being proud of this, especially considering the results it is already beginning to show. Well, now CorpComms Magazine has signalled its agreement, by awarding the charity first prize in the “Best rebranding excercise” category of its 2009 Awards Ceremony.

Given the entry was up against the infamous Norwich Union/Aviva rebrand, through AMV and Hill & Knowlton, we’re doubly happy. You see, AMV are of course one of the bigger names in ad world, and Aviva one of the richer client. So this just goes to show that there’s more to a successful rebrand than throwing money about. Things like having the right ideas and, crucially, understanding your client; two things Baby has always held dear…

See below for a couple of stills from the ads, or come through to the main website to see the work more fully…


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