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Christmas Miracle

This will be our last post of the festive season, so we thought we’d end on something uplifting…

The following film is from fellow ad agency Mother. It features them sending a ‘spam’ email promising $10,000 to anyone who replies… the difference is this is for real. We love the email, as well as the fact that someone actually responded.

And then the winning guy goes and does something philanthropic with it all just to complete the truly magical Christmas story… lovely stuff.

And a very Happy Christmas to you all…


Amazing Light Painting Photography

This isn’t the first lot of this stuff we’ve come across, but light painting photography always looks pretty cool, and this is good even by the standards of the genre.

It’s done basically by just waving a light source around whilst a shot is taken, but the results are much more impressive than they should be… This particular lot is from Jan Wöllert and Jörg Miedza from Bremen, Germany, who have a whole host of the stuff at their website.

(source: Notcot)

Origami Christmas Tree Decorations

We’ve always been a bit mystified by origami. After all, it isn’t that interesting, and the stupid things never look like anything even in the unlikely circumstances that you do manage to follow the instructions successfully.

Or so we thought… we love these origami decorations from the American Museum of Natural History, which are now hanging on their Christmas Tree.

There are twenty-six of them in all, one for each letter of the alphabet, meaning there is in fact a Xylotrupes Beetle among other things. This lot were our favourites…

(source: TimeOut New York)

Satellite Photography

This may not be our first post of this stuff, but we couldn’t resist when we found this particular collection. The images are from the Landsat 7 Satellite, and are put together from eight spectral bands to form these particularly vivid images.

We particularly love the fluid looking image of what is in fact the Iranian desert, and the incredible geometry of what used to be pure Bolivian rainforest, and is now a series of small fields… Take a look here for the full collection.

Our Man in South America

One of our more adventurous account men is currently trekking around South America. Much as this may sound like a bit of fun, he’s nevertheless keeping us posted with some thoughts from the ground on all the things Baby holds dear. So here is part 1, and there will no doubt be more to follow…

Glass Christmas Tree

Having spent most of the weekend putting up a Christmas Tree, we now feel somewhat inadequate due to finding this fantastic effort from Shanghai.

The thing sits outside one of China’s bigger malls, and is comprised of over 1000 empty bottles of Heineken, making it not only huge, but also nice and environmentally friendly, since it’s made from waste.

Now, if anyone can find us the world’s biggest bowling ball, we reckon there’s some fun to be had here…

(source: Chine via Notcot)

Modernist Dolls’ House

We’re really not quite sure what to make of this; a dolls’ house from German design company Sirch, which looks rather different to what we’re used to.

On the one hand, it’s certainly funky, minimalist, and appropriate for the modern age. On the other, we feel like a piece of our childhood has been spolied. Dolls’ Houses, it seems to be us, should be Victorian and Georgian throw-backs, decorated with wood panneling and rugs.

Anyway, how’s a child meant to play in that thing?

(source: Notcot)