How to spend $3000billion

Whenever we read a news story saying that so many government millions have been spent on one thing, and so many billions on another, we switch off. You see, any amount of money above a couple of million just sounds like “a lot”. We hear that a new transport plan is costing £50million, and we’ve no idea whether that is extortion, or the bargain of the century. So it’s quite nice to see it all laid out in one place.

Then you actually look at the details. The Beijing Olympics cost nearly as much as feeding every child in the world for a year. Combine the US Annual Defence budget and the profits of the pharamceutical industry and you could feed and educate every child in the world for 5 years and convert the entire world to renewable energy. Then there’s the Iraq war.

We’re not saying it’s that simple, but suddenly, when it’s all in perspective, it’s a bit scary.

(source: BBC News)


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