Barnardo’s follows in our Baby steps


Baby have long been proud of our work award-winning work with Action for Children.  Well, it appears Barnardo’s are fans too, if their latest work is anything to go by. After all, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

We say this because of their latest advert which aired today. The ad focuses on a girl who has managed to escape her horrific situation and rebuild her life, all thanks to Barnardo’s. The ad communicates the transformation of a child’s life, told in their own words. No bruised children crying in doorways or living on the streets in insect-ridden boxes, just a straightforward story of a child’s life.

This is of course what Action for Children are all about, and we would therefore like to congratulate Barnardo’s in coming around to our way of thinking. This ad is, of course, a long way from their usual “blood, sweat and cockroaches” style, and represents a real change in thinking. It appears that, instead of bludgeoning people into feeling guilty enough to cough up, BBH have actually decided to try and communicate some hope, telling people about the work that the charity achieves – exactly as Action for Children have been for the past twelve months, with their position of being there for ‘as long as it takes’.

So finally the audience is to be granted some intelligence, or at least enough to watch an ad and make a decision, rather than being emotionally bullied. We reckon this represents a small but significant victory for the audience.

And, of course, there’s a small victory for Baby Creative in leading the way for one of ad world’s bigger players. We’d like to say well done to BBH for their excellent work. Just remember we had it first.

Want to see what we mean? Take a look at the ads below…


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