Hydrogen road car goes into production

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at concept cars over the years, and getting very excited about the possibilities of seeing them on the road someday, only to be cruelly disappointed when they never materialise.

Well this Hydrogen-powered car from Mercedes is actually happening, so we thought it deserved a mention. Called the B-Class F-Cell, it may not be particularly beautiful or fancy, but it is still a pretty impressive little car.

It is of course a hybrid, but one that manages 85mpg, blowing the Prius out of the water. And it has the performance of an averageĀ 2.0l petrol car, which is far from shabby. There are only 200 being made for the moment, but a full run is due to start in a couple of months.

Let’s just hope we aren’t to be disappointed once again.

(source: Wired)


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