Whack a Banker

We love this new arcade game taking Suffolk by storm. For anyone who’s ever played “whack the mole” or “splat the rat”, this will be familiar, but with a quite brilliant twist. Instead of hitting poor rodents over the head with big mallets, you get to beat up bankers.

For 40p, you get to hit as many bankers as you can in 30seconds, and the game offers a “truly rewarding banking experience”. If a player wins, a voice says “You win. We retire. Thank you very much to the taxpayer for paying our pensions”.

And it’s not just us that love it. Apparently the owner keeps having to replace worn-out mallets. It’s amazing how much force you can put into something if you channel the rage…

So for anyone affected by the banking crisis, make your way to Suffolk for some catharsis.

(source: BBC News)


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