Modernist Dolls’ House

We’re really not quite sure what to make of this; a dolls’ house from German design company Sirch, which looks rather different to what we’re used to.

On the one hand, it’s certainly funky, minimalist, and appropriate for the modern age. On the other, we feel like a piece of our childhood has been spolied. Dolls’ Houses, it seems to be us, should be Victorian and Georgian throw-backs, decorated with wood panneling and rugs.

Anyway, how’s a child meant to play in that thing?

(source: Notcot)


2 responses to “Modernist Dolls’ House

  1. It’s very ‘arty’, but, as you say – how on earth could a child PLAY with it?
    I’ve got a Georgian-style doll’s house, and what I like about it is that you can cram each room with lots of THINGS. You couldn’t do that with this house.

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