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A Flashmob too far

It doesn’t seem so very long ago that Flashmobs were the new big thing. And they were interesting, cool and ultimately effective.

They have now been done in just about every corner of the world in just about every conceivable format, and you do still get the occasional good one. Of course, good ideas spawn imitation, and that’s all fair enough. But then you get this kind of thing.

We came across this in Creative Review and couldn’t agree with their comments more.

Give up, and go back to making posters and TV ads. Please.


Imitation is the sincerest form…

Regular readers of this blog may remember Baby congratulating Barnardo’s and BBH on seeing the light by portraying a message of hope in their ads, something which Action for Children and ourselves have been doing for some time.

Well, Campaign were so impressed they decided to award the new “Turn Around” ad that honour which every ad wants the most – pick of the week. Now at this we were a little surprised, given that you’d really hope for a little originality in the ad. So we wrote in to give them a piece of our mind, and they were nice enough to publish our entry.

Always nice to be recognised.

Actors swap water for vodka

We thought we’d vary things a little from our usual green and design finds and bring you this story which has made our morning.

Frankfurt’s Schauspielhaus Theatre has recently been hosting a dramatisation of the 1970s Russian novel “Moscow To the End of the Line”,  in which a group of workers leave Moscow to see their loved ones, and get so drunk they never get off the train. Although the novel and play are highly satirical, the story is essentially the world’s biggest drinking binge. Or, in the words of the programme notes, a “crazy depiction of one of the most famous alcoholic benders in world literature”.

This all sounds quite amusing, and probably not a bad play. Well, the four lead actors thought it would be even more fun if they actually went on the drinking binge. On stage. Live. The play usually takes place with the four drinking copious amounts of water to simulate vodka, and they simply replaced this with true 80% proof Russian Vodka.

Apparently the audience were initially amused… until one of them fell off the stage into the audience and another collapsed off a table. At this point, the backstage crew intervened and called for medical help. You’d think this would be the end of it, but one actor apparently assaulted the ambulance crew, and police back up was called. He later had to have his stomach pumped.

And were the four actors sacked? No, of course not. They were given a stern ticking off by the director, who called their actions “kindergarten behaviour”, and told to get back to it that night.

Brilliant. We encourage all of you to try substituting water for vodka in your jobs on Monday…

(source: The Guardian via Current)

Nanosolar technology

We first came across the possibility of Nano-solar technology a little while ago, but this appears to be a real-life product, which could be very exciting.

Nano-solar technology is in its simplest form the use of extremely small cells to capture solar energy, of course meaning you can have millions of them in a small area. Whereas old solar technology would leave you having to cover most of the Saharra to generate enough power to do anything significant, nano-solar means that you can generate the same kind of power from about a single square mile.

And these little panels appear to be the new home solar panels. Small enough to put on any surface, and flexible enough to be bent and folded, they are a significant upgrade on the monstrosities that you had to strap to your roof before. There will of course still be problems, but this looks like the first real step towards making them happen.

We’d love to tell you more, but unfortunately the source is in Spanish, and web translators gave us the following:

Us day of hoje outras technologies estão aparecendo like alternative Novas na produção of solar cells, uma dessas and to fine film flexível gives Nanosolar.

Which is absolutely no use. Still, if this thing is as revolutionary as it sounds, this could be the first real step away from belching fossil fuels…

(source: Acriacao via Notcot)

Bubble Calendar

Calendars are one of those things you have to have, but don’t ever really want. They are the ultimate in dull Christmas presents, and we had never found one that got us at all excited. However, if we’d found this a couple of weeks ago, it would now be hanging on our wall.

It is, like all the good things, a very simple concept. The calendar is made out of bubble wrap, with one bubble for each day. Everyone loves popping bubble wrap, so this guarantees at least one moment of pleasure every day of the year…

And okay, we know it’s completely useless – there’s no space to write on it or anything, but we really don’t care.

(source: Trend Hunter)


It’s not often we come across a website that we think it’s worth commenting on, but here’s one that brought a smile to our face. is, quite simply, a website to help you boil an egg, but simple doesn’t always mean bad.

The site asks you to select your size of egg, whether it is fresh from the fridge or not, and how you would like it cooked, then gives you the time required to cook it, through a series of cute animations. We chose a runny egg from the fridge, giving the animation a pair of sneakers and a wooly hat.

And while you wait for your egg to be boiled, start the timer, and the website plays you a YouTube video of precisely the right length to keep you entertained for the duration.

This may sound a little lame, but give it a try, and we bet you love it.

(via Notcot)

The Piglamp

And we go from the sublime stories of pumas in South America to what has to be one of the most ridiculous pieces of design we’ve ever come across.

The “Piglamp” (available here for just $90) is apparently inspired by the money-saving nature of eco-technology, and so is based on a piggybank. This is of course because the tail is formed from an energy-saving fluorescent bulb.

To be honest, for once we’re really not too worried about the eco-credentials. We want this one purely for that little face and shiny tail.

(source: If it’s hip, it’s here)