Ecological Dolls’ House

It wasn’t very long ago since we found what seemed to be the pinnacle of dolls’ house design, in the form of an ultra-sleek and modern effort from German design company Sirch. However, we reckon we’ve found something to top it.

This effort from American company PlanToys is at least as sleek and modern as Sirch’s effort, and has the added advantage of being totally ecologically friendly. All materials are completely non-toxic, the roof is fitted with solar panels and we even have a rainwater tank and a small windmill. And with the similarly ecological furniture set, there’s plenty for a child to play with.

In the words of Green Your Life Blog (source), “this would be the perfect house, if only it were a few feet higher”.  We’re still not sure if we like all this modernisation of what should be a Georgian throwback, but if you’re going to do it, do it properly…

(via Notcot)


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