Apple accessories gone mad

We have, over the last year, posted a good number of accessories for iPhones, such as particularly cool cases, docks and other assorted paraphernalia. However, we’ve just found a collection of the stuff which takes the whole business to an entirely new level.

Firstly, you’ve got the ‘slide to unlock’ doormat, just to make sure you’re happily in geek heaven before you’re even in the house.

Then, you can sit down at your iTable (yes, this is a table designed to look like an iPod).

And have a cup of coffee, using your iPhone coasters to protect your lovely table.

Maybe a quick game of cards (solitaire, because you have no friends) with your iPhone card pack…

… before your curl up in bed in your iPhone bed clothes.

And then wake up in the morning and go back to work for Microsoft…

(source: ifitshipitshere)


3 responses to “Apple accessories gone mad

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