River Whale Garden

That might be the most bizarre title of any post we’ve put up so far. But we love this set of images from Flux Architecture.

You might be wondering what the hell this is meant to be, and we don’t blame you. The ‘whale’ is actually a project from Vincent Callebaut Architects called Physalia Physalis or ‘Water Bubble’, and it actually has a very serious point. One billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water, and this is something to go some way to fixing all that.

The thing is designed to float up and down the rivers of Europe, purifying the rivers as it goes (although we’re not sure how this works). It is of course a huge floating garden among other things, with interior gardens dedicated to Earth, Water, Wind & Fire. So apparently one of these things would make the Thames drinkable.

And it is also apparently completely self-sufficient, being covered in solar panels. In fact, it is meant to produce more energy than it uses.

The thing is, we don’t believe this thing is actually going to happen in the next decade or two…


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