Carpet Slippers

Sometimes we find a product which just makes us worry about the person who designed it. This is one of those times.

What we have here is a rug with matching slippers which are made to be stored in the rug itself. And there are enough extra pairs for any guests who are unlucky enough to stumble across the threshold. It goes by the name of Tapistrongs, and is by a French designer called Lisa El Sayed. What worries us is exactly where she got the inspiration for this, and how she cared enough to actually get it made.

Having said that, we secretly quite like this thing. True, it is about the most anal piece of design we’ve come across, but it is also pretty handy and at least quite good looking. Plenty of houses operate a “no shoes” rule; nobody wants to wander around getting cold feet, and you can’t really ask guests to bring slippers.

So now at least you can all sit around drinking Chardonnay and eating Kettle Chips with warm feet and matching footwear…

(source: Treehugger)


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