Nanosolar technology

We first came across the possibility of Nano-solar technology a little while ago, but this appears to be a real-life product, which could be very exciting.

Nano-solar technology is in its simplest form the use of extremely small cells to capture solar energy, of course meaning you can have millions of them in a small area. Whereas old solar technology would leave you having to cover most of the Saharra to generate enough power to do anything significant, nano-solar means that you can generate the same kind of power from about a single square mile.

And these little panels appear to be the new home solar panels. Small enough to put on any surface, and flexible enough to be bent and folded, they are a significant upgrade on the monstrosities that you had to strap to your roof before. There will of course still be problems, but this looks like the first real step towards making them happen.

We’d love to tell you more, but unfortunately the source is in Spanish, and web translators gave us the following:

Us day of hoje outras technologies estão aparecendo like alternative Novas na produção of solar cells, uma dessas and to fine film flexível gives Nanosolar.

Which is absolutely no use. Still, if this thing is as revolutionary as it sounds, this could be the first real step away from belching fossil fuels…

(source: Acriacao via Notcot)


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