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How to live to 100

When we saw this we just had to post it. Let’s face it, we all want to live forever.

However, we have one small issue. Surely if it was as easy as this graphic suggests, surely we’d have a lot more centenarians?

(source: Buzzfeed)


Piano Table

As long-time musicians, we’ve always felt a piano is almost a must-have in a home. And as normal people, we have some difficulty finding room. So what if your piano could also double up as a table?

This is exactly what George Bohle has given us. During the day, it is simply a table, suitable for eating or working at. And if you fancy a quick tune after supper, just slide back the top and you’ve got a perfectly usable piano.

There is just one small problem; this thing will set you back $6000. Making it the perfect item for the musician with a poky London flat… and a huge budget.

(source: Trend Hunter)

The Soliloquy

Yachts are just about the ultimate expression of luxury, and we’ve always really wanted one. However, they are also gas-guzzling, fume-emitting, air-polluting behemoths which you can only really afford to keep if you just don’t care about polar bears.┬áBut not any more, thanks to a new 58metre eco-yacht designed by Alistair Callender.

It uses a combination of solar, wind and marine technology, and puts out zero emissions. Being touted as the ‘super-green superyacht’, it is to be shown off at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show later this year.

It is of course those huge ‘wings’ which make the thing so distinctive, and they in fact much like old-fashioned sails although much more efficiently. And they are fully retractable if the wind isn’t in your favour.

Much of the rest of the power comes from the outside shell of the yacht, which is covered in 600 square metres of solar panelling. When fully charged this allows the yacht to reach a speed of 8 knots.

So we’re just waiting for this thing to hit production. By which time we hope to have filled up the piggy bank…

(source: If it’s hip, it’s here)

Painting with pogo sticks

We absolutely love this new art concept from Australia. “Pogoism”, or painting with pogo sticks, sounds almost impossible but the results are fantastic.

Of course it would be difficult to make anything small enough to actually display in a normal house, but the scale of the works is part of the fun. Incidentally, the Aussie tourist board’s slogan for the concept, “get your art career off the ground” is nearly as brilliant as the art itself.

(via Notcot)

Green Kitchen

Quite a while back, we featured the biosphere farm from Phillips, and assumed that was something of a one-off project to attempt to get in on the whole green thing. But now we’ve come across this.

This ‘Green Cuisine’ kitchen is inspired by Japanese Teppanyaki-style cooking; the notion of cooking and eating in the same place. But what makes this a bit unique is the interactive nature of the table. Each instrument (the kettle, steamer, and cooking modules) has a performance monitor, telling you exactly how much energy you are using.

And, as always with these Phillips projects, the whole things looks just excellent.

(source: Home Quotient)

Unexpected packaging

Packaging is dangerous stuff; it can sell almost anything. Cigarettes, chips, snacks and all sorts else are made so appealing largely by their packaging. Fruit, veg and the healthy stuff rarely has this advantage however.

Therefore, we love this attempt to redress the balance by Daizi Zheng, a Chinese designer who has been working in the UK for 16 years.

This may look like a standard pack of cigarettes, but it is in fact a pack of carrot sticks (with houmous!).

Then you’ve got what seems to be a carton of MacDonalds chips (mmm…) but is in fact celery…

And finally blueberries packaged as drugs.

Much as we’d be a little peeved if we bought some chips only to find we’d been given celery, we’re still loving the idea. Someone really needs to make this stuff more interesting, or the kids are going to choose the chips every time…

(source: Hundertmark Blog (German) via Notcot)


We’re loving this set of shots from photographer Weston Baker of a recent trip to Toscana (or Tuscany, if you prefer).

Of course, everyone takes holiday snaps, but Weston Baker’s are a little better than ours. Rural Italy is something of a contrast to the business of Western city life, and these shots seem to capture that difference perfectly. And it’s not just the black-and-white…

More information and photos available here