Amazing Treehouses

We’ve always loved treehouses. They fulfill everything Baby holds dear. They are ecological, usually interestingly designed, and most importantly they try to recapture our inner child.

So when we found this collection over at Treehugger (funnily enough) we had to have it.

The first three are from Baumhaus, and come from collaborations with different designers, of which the “Snake” up the tree has to be our favourite.

And this lot are a just some others we liked. The floating globe is just bizarre, but we want one. The final two are big enough to live in properly, having bedrooms, kitchens and all sorts.

So there you go. Who knew that treehouses could be so diverse? I have the feeling some of these may cost more than a normal house, but if we had the choice, we’d live up there. Climbing down a tree on your way to work every morning would certainly add something to the daily commute…


One response to “Amazing Treehouses

  1. Hey, you’re right, those do look like expensive tree houses. I don’t even live in one, but I build them for a living. Perhaps someday once the kids move out…

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