Energy-free Living

Renewable energy technologies are of course one of our big areas of interest, but nevertheless we find them slightly frustrating sometimes. For all the continual advancements, it often seems that little is actually put in place. Well the Aussie government are actually going a bit further.

In a pseudo-Big Brother type scheme, they are offering one family the chance to live rent, water and electricity bill-free, with an electric car, in a specially designed eco-house. In return, they have to update the world on their experiences via the media, websites and blogging. The idea is to test-run this kind of house for wider application. As such, applicants should have some experience of online communities, an interest in sustainable living… and a good sense of humour for when it all goes wrong.

The house itself will have:

rooftop solar photovoltaic panels, a 2kWBlueGen fuel cell converting natural gas into electricity, an electric car, OLED TV, state‐of‐the‐art lighting solutions (controlled plasma, CFL, LED). The Newington Smart Home will also be fitted with a HAN, or Home Area Network, such that lighting and household appliances can be remotely controlled by an iPhone. And there is much more besides.

And if we’re honest we don’t know what half of that stuff is. But anyway – the idea of trialling such a house for wider application had us very interested. Watch this space, and we’ll probably be following these guys when the scheme gets started.

(source: Tree Hugger)


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