The Aircruise

You heard it here first, boys and girls. Quite some time ago, we read about the Skyhook and put forth the call to bring back Zeppelin travel.

Well it appears a team at Seymourpowell, who have now teamed up with Samsung, were listening.

The aircruise is exactly this – a modern Zeppelin. The balloon contains huge volumes of hydrogen gas, giving it the buoyancy required to fly, and of course making it ecologically sound.

The main downside of the Aircruise is that it cannot carry heavy loads, but this has been turned into a definite positive, with passenger numbers limited and each given a luxury experience including spacious apartments and vast open communal areas. Just as we suggested all that time ago, the calm and space of the Zeppelin makes it a brilliant choice for the future of luxury transport.

It is of course simply a concept for the moment, but we’re still quite excited.

(source: The Sydney Morning Herald)


One response to “The Aircruise

  1. Filled with HYDROGEN? Did they not hear about the Hindenberg?

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