Interesting fruit bowls

Here at Baby, we are of course committed to all things green, ethical and healthy. However, this rarely extends to our own eating habits; we certainly don’t eat very much fruit. But we reckon we’ve found something that could change all that.

You see, fruit just isn’t very interesting. The packaging is unoriginal, there is no shiny branding and it just isn’t share-sized, fun-sized, limited edition and it doesn’t come in shiny machines. It’s just fruit. But these things make us quite want some.

This first lot are quite simple but stylish, from Belgian designer Helena Schepens.

These earth bowls look fairly standard (if bumpy) but are in fact crafted to the contours of an actual section of the world, and you can choose your section on Google Earth for your very own bowl. We don’t recommend the Himalayas. Or the Netherlands.

And we love the design of these two, for hanging your fruit on the wall or putting it all in a big slide. We just like the idea of filling up the bowl/slide/thing and having the whole lot slide down every time you take a piece. It makes it more like a shiny vending machine…

(source: Design Fetish)


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