Electric Jaguar

It’s been a while since we put up any electric cars or similar, partly because they never come to anything, but this time we’re a bit more positive about this new electric model of the Jaguar XJ.

Now you may be wondering what’s so special about this thing. It looks just like the old XJ, after all. True, and what’s more it even still has a combustion engine on board.

However, the excitement comes from the fact that this engine has been drastically reduced and twinned with a highly powerful electric motor. The fuel engine is there simply to charge the electric motor on long (up to 600 mile) trips, and to provide a little additional performance. The XJ can therefore do 47mpg with almost no emissions, and should be able to perform at something close to the state of the old, petrol-powered XJ.

What we have therefore is a well-performing electric car which can do long distances. This is no Prius with a token hybrid engine and dodgy breaks either, this is essentially an electric car, and it’s made by Jaguar so no worries about the build.

There’s even a rumour it might be ready by 2011…

(source: The Coolist)


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