Unexpected packaging

Packaging is dangerous stuff; it can sell almost anything. Cigarettes, chips, snacks and all sorts else are made so appealing largely by their packaging. Fruit, veg and the healthy stuff rarely has this advantage however.

Therefore, we love this attempt to redress the balance by Daizi Zheng, a Chinese designer who has been working in the UK for 16 years.

This may look like a standard pack of cigarettes, but it is in fact a pack of carrot sticks (with houmous!).

Then you’ve got what seems to be a carton of MacDonalds chips (mmm…) but is in fact celery…

And finally blueberries packaged as drugs.

Much as we’d be a little peeved if we bought some chips only to find we’d been given celery, we’re still loving the idea. Someone really needs to make this stuff more interesting, or the kids are going to choose the chips every time…

(source: Hundertmark Blog (German) via Notcot)


2 responses to “Unexpected packaging

  1. Love your blog! And love those blueberries. Nothing wrong with the carrots and celery either, but popping those berries would be a doubly satisfying treat! I’ve found this comments form a bit to wacky though….o

    • babycreativeblog

      Yes we do seem to be having a few problems with the comment form – many apologies! We’ll get it sorted soon…

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