The Soliloquy

Yachts are just about the ultimate expression of luxury, and we’ve always really wanted one. However, they are also gas-guzzling, fume-emitting, air-polluting behemoths which you can only really afford to keep if you just don’t care about polar bears. But not any more, thanks to a new 58metre eco-yacht designed by Alistair Callender.

It uses a combination of solar, wind and marine technology, and puts out zero emissions. Being touted as the ‘super-green superyacht’, it is to be shown off at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show later this year.

It is of course those huge ‘wings’ which make the thing so distinctive, and they in fact much like old-fashioned sails although much more efficiently. And they are fully retractable if the wind isn’t in your favour.

Much of the rest of the power comes from the outside shell of the yacht, which is covered in 600 square metres of solar panelling. When fully charged this allows the yacht to reach a speed of 8 knots.

So we’re just waiting for this thing to hit production. By which time we hope to have filled up the piggy bank…

(source: If it’s hip, it’s here)


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