Kit Kat Posters

Increasingly, advertising has to do something a little different to stand out. And of course the New Big Thing is interactivity; consumers like adverts they can interact with. Hence overly clever internet banner ads, ‘design your own ad’ competitions which are actually ad campaigns, flashmobs and so on.

Well Kit Kat are taking this all a stage further again in Australia, with a poster ad that you can actually interact with in the literal sense. These posters are springing up all over Auckland, mainly on routes to summer outdoor gigs. Consumers can pull the chair out of the poster and take it with them to sit on  at the gig.

Which we think is just awesome, for three reasons. Firstly because sitting on the floor sucks. Secondly, it’s an amazing execution of “have a break, have a Kit Kat”. And finally because you’ve got an ad which a lot of people are actually going to be actively looking out for.

(source: Design Fetish)


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