Dog houses to die for

Everyone loves dogs. Some people, however, have always gone a bit further, putting their canine friends on a par with their children, if not royalty itself; grooming them, buying them presents and dressing them up in little jumpers and putting bows in their hair.

Well now they can go a stage further with any of this amazing collection of dog houses.

For the dog with delusions of grandeur…

… or a penchant for the Mediterranean…

… a love of the country…

…or avant-garde tastes.

And if all that wasn’t enough, there’s also the dog house for indoors, cleverly disguised as a table.

And finally something for the doggy traveller.

All of this is amazing design, certainly, but we do have to wonder how much the dogs care. And the thought (and money) that goes in to these things is a little scary.

(source: The Coolist – loads more photos and a couple more bizarre examples…)


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