Beautiful laptop from Tord Boontje

It’s rare you come across something that involves new technology, good design and environmental concerns, so when we do we’re always very happy. This laptop designed by Tord Boontje for HP is one such thing.

What stands out is of course the amazingly intricate design of the case, which is in fact crafted using HP Imprint 3D, a world’s first in 3D surface technology. The design features flora and fauna in interlocking patterns and layers and the overall effect is excellent. But that’s not all:

A closer look reveals shy animals hiding delicately within the flora – like taking a walk in the woods and discovering animals along the way. But these are no ordinary animals – many are endangered animals such as the polar bear, the blue whale, the red squirrel – just a few of the many creatures relying on us to help sustain the world that we share.

Which brings in the whole environmental issue very nicely. And the packaging is all made from recycled materials, and the screen is designed for energy efficiency, just to beef up the environmental package.

All of this is however secondary to the design, which is what you’d buy the laptop for. Especially when it comes with matching backgrounds and accessories…

(source: If it’s hip, it’s here)


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