Custom-made chocolate…

Chocolate is of course one of the world’s more common guilty pleasures. And from Mars bars to Charbonel and Walker selection boxes, you’d think there is enough variety for everyone. But now, for those ultra-picky chocolate eaters, you can fully customise your own chocolate, call it what you want, and have as much of it as you like delivered to your door.

German company ‘Chocri’ was first established in 2008 and has now opened operations in the US. And they trade purely in customised chocolate. Firstly, you select your type of chocolate…

…before adding ingredients from a truly mind-boggling selection of fruits, grains, spices, nuts and even pretzels and bacon.

And for a little added incentive, it’s all organic, fair trade chocolate, and they send a percentage of their profits to DIV Kinder – a children’s charity project in the Ivory Coast. Brilliant idea, we think. We’re not the biggest chocolate eaters, but even we have been thinking up combinations constantly…

(source: If It’s Hip, It’s Here)


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