Folding plug

Last night saw the awards ceremony for the British Design of the Year 2010. Understandably, we were very excited as this is one of the best opportunities we get to oggle at good design, and the winner is usually something special. And then we found out that it had been won by a plug.

Our immediate reaction was that this was going to be pretty boring, but then we actually looked at it and thought about it.

Min-Kyu Choi’s folding plug was born from a frustration with trying to pack up a bulky plug with a laptop, making the whole thing unshapely and inevitably scratching the laptop with the pins. And as petty as this sounds, we know exactly what he means. The modern laptop is slimmer and lighter than the normal plug – this can’t be right.

And we are also forced to admit that – as much as this is a plug – we do think it is quite good looking. The plug is one of those things that we’ve grown used to and put up with. Min-Kyu Choi’s design shows us this need not necessarily be the case.

(source: Tree Hugger)


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