Moss tables

The idea of ‘bring the outdoors indoors’ is of course quite an old one now. However, we still can’t get enough of it, so we had to post these.

This moss furniture is part of the ‘secret garden’ collection by ayodhya. Each item is actually planted with dried moss, meaning that everything involved here is natural. And it’s probably superbly comfortable as well.

In fact, we’re rapidly becoming fans of ayodhya, because along side these funky moss-creations, they also exhibited these things.

Now they might not look like much, but both items are actually made from newspaper. The fact that you really can’t tell is pretty excellent, but we really like the idea of being able to flick through the pages every time you walk past. And of course it’s all recycled, which is never a bad thing.

So we’ll be keeping an eye out for any more pieces of ayodhya design if anyone has any tips…

(source, via Notcot)


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