The world’s oldest fast food joint

Now from the title you might think we’re talking about some dodgy place in the wrong end of Istanbul, but we’ve actually found somewhere even older.

This was in fact the fast food shop of Vetutius Placidus in Pompeii, which closed one thousand, nine hundred and twenty one years ago, and reopened yesterday, with quite a bit of the original decor still in tact.

Fast food of course seems like a very modern thing, but the Romans apparently loved the stuff, with many people in Pompeii not even having kitchens and getting takeaway on a regular basis. And if you look closely, you can see there’s not even that much that has changed.

You’ve still got the long, L-shaped counter, and people could either sit in or take away. Apparently the real difference is the food, with considerably less kebabs and pizza, and more cheese, honey and assorted fruits.

Still, it’s nice to know that at the height of the Roman Empire, they were still no more cultured than a bunch of boozy students…

(Kuriositas via Notcot)


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