No to Heathrow

You may well have seen today’s news that Heathrow’s proposed third runway is having a few difficulties. Opposition has been pouring in from environmental groups, local business, councils and residents, who claimed that the third runway contradicted environmental policy. And now the Lord Justice has ruled that they have a point, and that the third runway is subject to legal challenge. Which we’re extremely happy about.

You see, over the years, we’ve played our Baby-sized role in this whole process. At key times in the campaign we’ve worked with Greenpeace, enoughsenough, the WWF and Restore UK to put together some (pretty clever) tactical ads, and we also organised an event called Make a Noise which was an anti-Heathrow rally in May 2008 held in Sipson, a village due to have been flattened if the third runway went ahead.

For this we helped by doing creative for press ads, building a website, other digital ads, posters and carnival packs. The event made the national news, with the largest-ever human ‘NO’ being made to say ‘no to Heathrow’.

We’re not trying to claim that we made this landmark decision happen by ourselves, but we’re delighted to be involved in preventing what really could have been an environmental and economic disaster.


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