New Coca-cola packaging

We’re loving this new Coca-cola packaging which sees the iconic bottles revolutionised to become square and streamlined.

Unfortunately, it’s actually the work of design student Andrew Kim, rather than something by Coca-cola themselves, but nevertheless it looks pretty awesome. And it might just be an undergrad project, but its brilliance lies in taking what has to be one of the most ‘accepted’ designs around, and trying to make it better.

Firstly, we really like the simplified logo and graphics, but this isn’t the main selling point of the design. The square edges mean that these bottles can be packed tighter and closer, especially into huge (square) containers and packaging crates, and they even stack. Consequently, an extra 4,000 bottles fit into every packing container, saving huge amounts of money and oil on transport.

This might not sound like a big deal but we’re guessing that there are quite a few containers of Coca-cola shipped around the world every year, and decreasing the volumes can’t be bad…

(via The Dieline)


One response to “New Coca-cola packaging

  1. hi

    I sent a link to photo with “new” packaging of Cocal-Cola products 🙂
    it was regular day at the office and I went to the lobby to meet a customer. I saw people who were changing fire extinguishers and took the photo.
    I hope you like it. have a good day!

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