Flying saucer crosses arctic

This saucer-shaped vehicle (which we admit can’t actually fly) has actually been around for some time. Called the Xof1 by Marcelo da Luz, it broke the world record for distance covered by a solar-powered car in 2008. Now however, da Luz wants to prove its capabilities in more dramatic form, by driving it across Canada’s ice sheets on a 185km ice-road.

That seems almost impossible for something powered purely by the sun, especially given the limited daylight hours in the far north, and the weakness of the midnight sun.

However, da Luz is confident he can succeed. The car can apparently reach 120km, partly because it weighs just 225kg, and is capable of working below freezing. Having said that, if it gets too cold, there is a very real chance the driver could freeze since the car has no heating. On the other hand, if it gets too warm, the ice road will melt.

Da Luz is due to leave on April 10th, so we will keep an eye on his progress…

(source: Green Diary)


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