The Pintail

You’d think, in the world of modern technology, that there’s not much more that can be done with cameras, recording and so on. However, this “pintail” device, by Defne Civelekoglu, seems like something new.

Essentially, the device contains a tiny camera, microphone, GPS and (bizarrely) heart rate monitor. When activated, the camera takes photos automatically every 5 seconds, the microphone records constantly, and the GPS keeps a record of where you are.

The device is aimed at travellers. The idea is that you can fully record a journey with just one click, and then just carry on with your trip without worrying about cameras and stuff, allowing you to actually enjoy your travels.

Which we think is a pretty neat idea. There is something in not having to stare down the lens of a camera, and we love the idea of having such a complete record of a trip without even trying. And on top of that we think it looks pretty cool as well, given how much technology is involved, so a win all round…

(via Notcot)


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