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Lego furniture

So lego is of course one of the new big things, and it’s not even that new any more. Nevertheless, we couldn’t not post this.

These lego tables by Lunatic Construction are just brilliant. Of course they look great, if nothing remarkable, but this isn’t quite the point.

What really appeals to us is the idea of having furniture you can literally take apart and rebuild with your bare hands if you fancy a change. If the table legs are getting in the way, just rebuild them as a single column. The chairs could easily be combined to make a sofa, and you could just tear the desk up if work isn’t going well. What more could you want?

(via Design Fetish)


Neglect hits Parliamentary proportions

Action for Children’s Neglect appeal has been up and running for some time but last night saw it really grow in scale, hitting the Houses of Parliament.

This video (starring the brilliant Jess Hynes lending her support to the cause) documents the latest in a series of light projections that Action for Children has been putting on, culminating in this display on the Houses of Parliament – which we think looks pretty amazing. It would certainly have got our attention if we had walked past.

These have in fact been appearing all over the country, such as in Cardiff on Cardiff Castle and the Millennium Stadium…

… and in central Belfast…

Check out the Action for Children facebook page for more photos and details, or get involved at

Cassette Art

We’ve seen this kind of thing before, but that doesn’t stop it being cool.

Erika Iris Simmons uses good old-fashioned audio cassettes to create portraits – usually of famous musician types.

The level of detail she manages to capture is staggering when you remember this is actually tape she’s working with. We are just a bit confused about how enough tape to make Bob Marley’s hair comes out of one cassette…

You can view the entire series of cassette tape portraits here.

(via Design Fetish)

Colouring life

We saw this image of a project by Katie Sokoler and loved it. We got all nostalgic for Pac-Man and really liked the idea of brightening up the streets.

So then we had a look at the rest of her stuff and saw this was just part of what seems to be a general philosophy to brighten up life. Her motivation seems to lie in making people smile – usually in surpising and quirky ways – such as this adaptation of a parking meter…

We’re not claiming any of the work is absolutely brilliant, but as a project, we love it. Anything that injects some fun into the dull bits of life this much gets big thumbs up from us.

(source: Vidafine via Notcot)

Mirror Man

Street performers are one of those things we’ve never really seen the point in. Most of the musicians are fairly terrible, and the gymnasts, magicians and comedians rarely do anything we couldn’t do. And even worse are those ones who just dress up as something, and then stand around. But we’ve found someone to change our mind.

Mirror Man is to be found hanging around the streets of LA, his entire body covered in mirrors. The mirrors are carefully crafted to fit every angle of his body – even his face. It’s not entirely obvious how he sees anything, but that’s a minor concern.

We’re worried he’s patented this, otherwise we’d be out harrassing the tourists in Covent Garden ourselves…

(source: The Coolist)

Slim Chips

Everyone loves chips (or crisps, if you speak real english) but it remains one of those horrible facts of life that they are really quite fattening. Hafsteinn Juliusson has however become our favourite Icelander of the week, and come up with a calorie (and guilt) free option.

Slim Chips are in fact made purely from edible paper, and then flavoured and coloured with wholly organic products to create blueberry, peppermint and sweet potato chips (crisps).

The copy on the bags reads “Instead of getting fat you can now eat paper with flavour. It’s like eating tasty air.” which we think is absolutely brilliant.

This product launched last week in ultra-stylish Milan (naturally) and we just hope it comes to the rest of the world soon. Otherwise we’ll have to try and make our own from printer paper…

(source: Design Fetish)

FedEx Campaign

We love this new campaign for FedEx from DDB Brazil, with photos shot by Manolo Moran.

It’s fantastically simple, capturing the speed and reliability of FedEx delivery brilliantly, adding a personal touch, and even playing with your mind a little, as you have to stop and stare to make sure it’s not really two people leaning out of windows, rather than just a poster.

Just goes to show you can do good work even on the dullest subjects…

(source: Design Fetish)