Lego to save the planet

The wonders of Lego never cease to amaze us, particularly in the huge variety of things designers seem to be able to do with it, from turning into computer accessories to building huge sculptures. However this project by Philadelphia Zoo stretches Lego into a new field – environmental activism.

The zoo has comissioned world-renowned Lego artist Sean Kenny to create a series of sculptures of endangered animals to sit around the zoo where the animals should be. The idea is to engage and educate a younger audience about the possible extinction of these species.

We’re particularly impressed with the 95,000-piece polar bear, and the penguins are also pretty amazing.

Each sculpture is accompanied by a brief description of its habitat and the dangers it faces, as well as information on how people can help to save it. ¬†Overall, we’re not sure how clear the messaging is, but we’re loving the idea behind it, and are looking forward to more sculptures to follow throughout the year.

(source: TreeHugger)


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