Slim Chips

Everyone loves chips (or crisps, if you speak real english) but it remains one of those horrible facts of life that they are really quite fattening. Hafsteinn Juliusson has however become our favourite Icelander of the week, and come up with a calorie (and guilt) free option.

Slim Chips are in fact made purely from edible paper, and then flavoured and coloured with wholly organic products to create blueberry, peppermint and sweet potato chips (crisps).

The copy on the bags reads “Instead of getting fat you can now eat paper with flavour. It’s like eating tasty air.” which we think is absolutely brilliant.

This product launched last week in ultra-stylish Milan (naturally) and we just hope it comes to the rest of the world soon. Otherwise we’ll have to try and make our own from printer paper…

(source: Design Fetish)


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